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07-28-2015 Ludlowe Basketball Team’s Support Of Brancato One Example Of CT Challenge Bike Ride’s Spirit
What a celebration of survivorship the 11th annual CT Challenge Ride was! Check out Ruden's great write up of the day

07-21-2015 Paula recommends ...Smoothie with Pineapple, Arugula, Greens and Cashews
Try this hands-down winner from a recent Nutrition Class at The Center

07-14-2015 10 Things I Learned from People Who Survive Cancer
Talk about perspective?! This blogpost by By Lissa Rankin MD is a must read. Just had to pass it along.

07-07-2015 Go nuts for nuts!
New research associates nut consumption with reduced risk of some types of cancer

06-30-2015 7 Habits of Highly Effective Exercisers
Tips to help you get fit and stay that way


7/31/2015 CT Challenge Pilates
with Erica Mara

8/1/2015 Get up and Get Going with Patty Kondub
Center for Survivorship

8/1/2015 Intermediate Indoor Cycling with Sharon Benton
Center for Survivorship

8/1/2015 Fit in 45 with Aileen Homa
Center for Survivorship

8/1/2015 Ashtanga Yoga with Janell Breck
Center for Survivorship

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07-03-2015 PDQ (Physician Data Query)

07-03-2015 Genomic Research Advances Pancreatic Cancer's Early Detection and Treatment

07-03-2015 Stat Bite Number of New Cases of Pancreatic Cancer By Race/Ethnicity and Sex (2008-2012)

07-03-2015 First Biosimilar Drug Approved for Sale in the United States

07-03-2015 Policymakers Work To Develop E-Cigarette Guidelines and Restrictions

07-03-2015 NCI-MATCH Launch Highlights New Trial Design in Precision-Medicine Era

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