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02-02-2016 Paula Recommends ...Pan Roasted Tomato & Chickpea Salad
What to make when you want some greens but it's cold outside and you're craving comfort food? Try this delicious dish.

01-26-2016 How an NFL Star Worked Out During Chemotherapy
Great piece from the Wall Street Journal: Eric Berry’s insistence on working out during cancer treatment helped him return to the field for the Chiefs as strong as ever.

01-19-2016 Just Three Words
"Cancer was an enormous blessing. It saved my life. That may sound crazy, but it's true," so says triathlete and cancer survivor Karen Newman in her new book.

01-12-2016 Experience awe!
It can help you live longer. Read more here.

01-05-2016 Paula Recommends ...Chocolate Coconut Cake
With healthy recipes like this, there's no need to swear off sweets in the new year.


2/8/2016 Gentle Yoga with Alexis Agnew
Center for Surviovrship

2/8/2016 Introduction to Indoor Cycling with Joyce Quinlan
Center for Survivorship

2/9/2016 Viniyoga with Kathy Jamison
Center for Surviovrship

2/10/2016 Svaroopa Yoga with Ann Katz
Center for Survivorship

2/10/2016 Nutrition and You with Paula Meyer
Center for Survivorship

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