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08-23-2016 In the Swim
Swimming is about as good as it gets for a total body workout. For a look at the health benefits of taking to the water to work out, check out this information from webMD

08-16-2016 Cancer survivor Jillion Potter inspires U.S. teammates
She has the kind of perspective that that doesn't allow a narrow loss to Fiji to overshadow her Olympic debut. This in from nbcolympics.com

08-09-2016 Water Water Everywhere
Hydration and survivorship

08-02-2016 Paula Recommends ...Celery, Sunchoke, Green Apple Salad with Walnuts & Mustard Vinaigrette
Crispy and refreshing, this delicious salad is loaded with complex tastes and flavors.

07-26-2016 The Thrill of the Grill ...Keeping it Healthy
What you grill and how you grill it can enhance the health benefits of the meal.


8/25/2016 Coffee Walk and Talk with Kate Lieder
Center for Survivorship

8/25/2016 Therapeutic Flow with Rita Trieger
Center for Survivorship

8/25/2016 Restorative Yoga with Matan Cohen-Citron
Center for Survivorship

8/25/2016 Indoor Cycling Class with Joyce Quinlan
Center for Survivorship

8/26/2016 CT Challenge Pilates
with Erica Mara

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08-10-2016 Engineered T Cells Improve Pancreatic Cancer Outcomes in Mice

08-10-2016 Tackling Mesothelioma With Immunotherapies

08-10-2016 Mammaprint Reveals Who Can Skip Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer

08-10-2016 "P < 0.05" Might Not Mean What You Think: American Statistical Association Clarifies P Values

08-10-2016 PDQ (Physician Data Query)

08-10-2016 Physical Activity Associated With Fewer Cancers

07-02-2016 Deciding on Therapy: New Tools Factor In Cost of Care

07-02-2016 PDQ (Physician Data Query)

07-02-2016 Everolimus Effectively Treats Neuroendocrine Tumors of Gut and Lungs

07-02-2016 High Glycemic Index Associated With Increased Lung Cancer Risk

07-02-2016 Solutions To Reduce Racial Mistrust

05-12-2016 Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes, Crohns-Like Lymphoid Reaction, and Survival From Colorectal Cancer

04-20-2016 Lapatinib-Related Rash and Breast Cancer Outcome in the ALTTO Phase III Randomized Trial

04-13-2016 Association Between Hepatitis C Virus and Head and Neck Cancers

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