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10-14-2014 Choose Optimism….It Feels Better!
Linda T. Gottlieb, MS, CPT, CET

09-30-2014 Assessing Your Healthy Weight
by Christian McEvoy, MPH

09-16-2014 "To Live Long, eat lots of veggies"
...this just in from The Week Magazine

09-02-2014 More Research on Importance of Exercise to Breast Cancer Survivors
This just in from UNC and the American Cancer Society....

09-02-2014 Five Good Reasons to Start Your Day with Exercise
by Linda T. Gottlieb, MA, CPT, CET


10/23/2014 Coffee Walk and Talk with Kate Lieder
Center for Survivorship

10/23/2014 Therapeutic Flow with Rita Trieger
Center for Survivorship

10/23/2014 Restorative Yoga with Matan Cohen-Citron
Center for Survivorship

10/23/2014 Indoor Cycling Class with Joyce Quinlan
Center for Survivorship

10/24/2014 TRX with Robyn Defonce

More Events...

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